Join the team at Worldwide Korea Bloggers !

Launched on January 31, 2011, the Korea Blog is an English-language affiliate of the Korean government’s multilingual web portal (, run by the Korean Culture and Information Service (KOCIS).

As’s honorary reporters, Worldwide Korea Bloggers (WKBs) are tasked with the mission of disseminating unique, real-time perspectives about the multifaceted Korean world, promoting opinions and stories unfound in conventional news media and guide books. Don’t miss this opportunity to have a global exchange through the Korea Blog with people from around the world on the genuine aspects of Korea’s charm and stature. We have visitors from over 132 countries, so don’t miss the chance to converse with them all !

1. Guidelines
1) Qualifications
(1) Anyone, regardless of nationality, gender, age, etc, who is interested in promoting Korea though blogging
- Running a personal blog in English, having regular content published online, or actively participating in social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc
- Ability to take quality videos and/or photos, or ability to illustrate or draw cartoons would be a plus
For example, three students at the UK Sejonghakdang, taking a Korean language course at the UK Korean Cultural Center, started a group blog at They have been making great reports on the waves of Korean pop music and Korean food that have hit the UK, while also interviewing Korean designers and actors/ actresses active on the local stage. They were invited to Korea in 2012 as one of our “Best Bloggers” of the year.

(2) Students of Sejonghakdangs or students enrolled in Korean studies abroad or in Korea :
- Should consider this opportunity a chance to indulge in Korea’s culture and practice the Korean language.
- Also, an opportunity to reach out and relate to other fans of Korea who are out there in other countries around the globe.

2) Application
(1) Deadline : 6:00 pm Friday, March 27, 2014. (Korean Standard Time, GMT + 9)
(2) Process
- Download and fill out the application form attached below. Send it to by no later than the deadline above. Group bloggers should individually fill out application forms and send them together as e-mail attachments.
- Make the posts and traffic to your blog, Facebook, Twitter, and other accounts public. We will be reviewing all of them during the selection process.
- A total of 20 bloggers living in or outside Korea will be chosen to join this year, joining our existing team of bloggers. Each will be contacted by e-mail after the final announcement has been made to finalize the selection process.

3) Final Announcement
Successful candidates will be announced in the “Notice” section of the Korea Blog on Tuesday, March 31, 2014.

2. Terms
1) Activity period : April 2014 to March 2015
2) Blogger Activities
(1) Certificate of Appointment as a Worldwide Korea Blogger and an icon banner for your own blog or website indicating your affiliation with the Korea Blog.
(2) Each blogger will send monthly proposals for prior approval and will publish at least two posts per month. However, the blog administrator has full discretion to choose topics, suggest edits, change content and decide on the publication of each post.
(3) [Benefits] Monthly evaluation of posts and social network activity will possibly qualify you to be invited on a familiarization tour of Korea. Generally, our top five bloggers are invited on the trip, though the exact destination and other details will be determined later this year.

3) Other merits
(1) Bloggers residing in Korea will have an opportunity to participate in offline meet-ups.
(2) Occasional gifts will be sent out to you.
(3) Participating bloggers will receive a note of gratitude recognizing their hard work during the given period.
(4) Select bloggers will get automatic renewal the following year.

Télécharger le fichier : Application_Name_Country.doc  (Word : 46.5 ko)

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