2015 Notice of Supporting Communities of Korean Culture

■ Supportive Subject

  • Korean culture related communities that regularly gather and throw events or plan activities in non-profit base.
  • Activities can be related to K-Pop, Korea Dramas Movies, Korean, etc.
  • Community recruitment countries are as follows (in 15 countries) : Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Thailand, the Republic of South Africa, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Turkey (Community must be based in one of above regions.)

■ Period of Applying and Supporting

  • Applying Period : 23th March (Mon) 19th April (Sun), 2015 (In Korea standard time)
  • Announcement of Selection Results : within May (It will be announced on KOFICE homepage and by representatives’ email)
  • Supporting Period : May November, 2015

■ How to support (the means of sponsorship)

  • Event budget support
    • Support 1 representative annual community events or regular base activities related to Korea culture.
    • Amount of sponsorship will be approximately USD$2,000 3,000 per each community.
      ※ Support expenses example : venue rental fee, sound system rental fee, etc
      ※ Amount of sponsorship can be different according to the event size.
  • Korea culture related contents support (K-Pop CD or DVD, Korea accessories, etc)

■ Regulations

  • To plan a KOFICE supported events with abundant Korean culture contents to settle as a representative annual activity of community.(Events must include more than one Korean culture-related main program content.)
  • To promote positively the event before and after by PR tools like SNS or media.
  • To make event official poster and promotional material.
  • (Important) To get KOFICE support, community must submit necessary documentaries on the selected event in detail according to the below process.

Before an event : 1) Event plan form 2) Budget plan form
After an event : 1) Event result report 2) Expenditure report

※ Event photos should be submitted separately.
※ All receipts should be submitted with an expenditure report.
※ Each report forms will be delivered to only selected communities.

■ Evaluation Standards

1) Size of the Community : 20
2) Community’s Activities (Previous & Current) :20
3) Event Plan for 2014 : 40
4) Expected Ripple Effect : 20

※ It may be favorably evaluated on ’Size of the Community’ if the actual members actively participate in community.
※ It may be favorably evaluated on ’Community’s Activities (Previous & Current)’ if the community has previous experiences in organizing events.
※ It may be favorably evaluated on ’Expected Ripple Effect’ to make PR plan with media or press.
※ It may be favorably evaluated on ’Expected Ripple Effect’ to make the event more influential by getting fund raising from partnerships.

■ How to apply

  • Application (in Korean or English)
    1) Submit Application Form : In designated form (The attached file)
    2) Submit Detailed Activity Plan for 2015 : In free form (MS Word-max 2 pages / MS PowerPoint 5 slides)
    ※ Refer to the community activities by KOFICE homepage (http://www.kofice.or.kr/)
  • Apply via E-mail to hlkim@kofice.or.kr
    ※ Submitted documents will not be returned.

The Chairman of KOFICE
(Korea Foundation for International Culture Exchange)

Télécharger le fichier : 2015_guidelines_for_applicants_eng_.docx  (Word : 25.1 ko)

Télécharger le fichier : 2015_guidelines_for_applicants_kor_.docx  (Word : 24.9 ko)

Télécharger le fichier : 2015_sponsorship_application_form_eng_.docx  (Word : 29.3 ko)

Télécharger le fichier : 2015_sponsorship_application_form_kor_.docx  (Word : 28.9 ko)

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