Concours de vidéo sur la Corée

Concours de vidéo sur la Corée

Le Ministère des Affaires étrangères et du Commerce sud-coréen et la chaîne Arirang organisent le concours de vidéo sur la Corée. Réalisez une clip vidéo de 3 minutes montrant un des diverses facettes dessous (voir la rubrique "Topic") et partagez votre expérience personnelle, impression et tout ce que vous souhaitez montrer.

Cette annonce est écrite en anglais.

1. Sponsors

  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea
  • Arirang TV

2. Entry qualification

  • Open to anyone of any age that is not of Korean descent

※ Please note that this contest is intended to increase our understanding of non-Korean perceptions of Korea, and Korean nationals overseas and those of Korean descent are not eligible for this contest.

3. Topic (Choose among the following two topics)

a. My best Korean friend (neighbor, teacher, colleague or anyone else) is ...

Please introduce your best Korean friend (neighbor, teacher, colleague and anyone else) and tell us how he/she has made such a good impression. Please share the good influence this person has had on your life

b. My favorite Korean food is ...

Please introduce your favorite Korean food and tell us why it is your favorite. In addition, please share any experience you may have with cooking it or if you have your own special recipe.

4. Application Deadline : October 7, 2013, 18:00 Korean Local time

5. Guidelines

  • First, select only one topic and make a video no longer than 3 minutes. (The video may be made with any device, such as a cellphone, digital camera, video camera, or any other digital device.)
  • Second, upload the video on YouTube or any other legal video-sharing website.
  • Third, fill in the application form and send it to

The application form can be downloaded at the homepage of the Korean Foreign Ministry in Seoul or your nearest Korean Embassy or Consulate.

Télécharger le formulaire en bas !

※ English or Korean submissions are preferred. However, if the language is not in Korean or English, submit a complete description written in Korean or English, along with the application form.

6. Result

  • Results will be announced on November 11, 2013 and notified individually. This may be delayed if the screening process takes longer than expected.

7. Awards

  • Grand Prize(1pr) : Korean brand car
  • Gold Prize(2prs) : Korean brand laptop PC
  • Silver Prize(3prs) : Korean brand tablet PC
  • Bronze Prize(4prs) : Korean brand digital camera
  • Participation Prize(50prs) : Korean brand external hard drive

8. Legal Notices

  • Prizes will be forfeited if a video clip is plagiarized or has received an award from another contest.
  • Prize winning works may be utilized for the promotion of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea. The copyright of the submitted works becomes the property of the Ministry.

Télécharger le document : 2013_concours_de_video.docx  (Word : 20.9 ko)

Télécharger le document : 2013_concours_formulaire.doc  (Word : 36.5 ko)

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