2013 Soutien pour les communautés de la culture coréenne

KOFICE (Korea Foundation for International Culture Exchange) is pleased to support various events of communities of Korean Culture to vitalize their development. We look forward to have your attention and applications until 3th March (Sun).

Supportive Subject

  • Korean culture related communities or fan clubs that regularly gather and throw events or plan activities in non-profit base.
  • Activities can be related to K-Pop, Korea Dramas Movies, Korean (language), etc.

Period of Supporting

  • March 2013 - November 2013

How to apply

  • Applying Period (In Korea standard time) : February 2013 - 3 March 2013
  • Application (Korean or English ONLY)
    1) Application Form : In designated form (The attached file)
    2) Detailed Activity Plan for 2012 : In Free form (MS Word-max 2 pages / MS PowerPoint 5 slides)
  • Apply via E-mail to Ms. Hyelim-Kim : hlkim@kofice.or.kr

Extra Note

  • Selected communities will be announced through KOFICE homepage. (www.kofice.or.kr)
  • Submitted documents will not be returned.

February of 2013
The Chairman of KOFICE
(Korea Foundation for International Culture Exchange)

Télécharger le document : 2013_Guidelines_for_Applicants__Eng_.pdf  (PDF : 242.4 ko)

Télécharger le document : 2013_Guidelines_for_Applicants__Kor_.pdf  (PDF : 157.8 ko)

Télécharger le document : 2013_Sponsorship_Application_Form__Eng_.doc  (Word : 77.5 ko)

Télécharger le document : 2013_Sponsorship_Application_Form__Eng_.pdf  (PDF : 160.5 ko)

Télécharger le document : 2013_Sponsorship_Application_Form__Kor_.doc  (Word : 73.5 ko)

Télécharger le document : 2013_Sponsorship_Application_Form__Kor_.pdf  (PDF : 181.6 ko)

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